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Yes everyone is trying to promote the website. I am trying my best to promote in different forums. Will reach 10000 soon hopefully

Hi Guys!

yes same like moremoney potentialy they copied …
site looks nice but peoples here for free btc not becouse site looks awesome :D

Many many fake info on the site on the banner on the threads sorry for that

funkymoney it’s not personal i like you and reged under you but please don’t post fake informations…

you never will roll or – Claim up to 0.0125 BTC every hour
if you buy subscritions you will roll 99% low number 1% the next level

– Earn up to 50 Satoshi by visiting shortlinks they have maximum 15 satoshi on short link NOT 50 satoshi and you not will earn up to 50 … other sites offer 25 satoshi
– Earn huge rewards by completing offers. the lowest rate on offers around btc sites….
– Earn up to 105 Satoshi by visiting websites at PTC ad section. NO WAY THIS IS FULL FAKE you not will earn up 105 satoshi
– Get lifetime commissions of up to 25% every time your referrals claim! 25% only on Advanced member cost 0.0175 BTC / month and if you buy only on the faucet you have this 25%
if you are basic member you have 12% on faucet 1% short links offers 3% this is nothing like a joke :D ohh and no PTC comission …
you need minimum 200 active user to be on 0 with Advenced membership and your covered the membership price


– Complete tasks and earn levels. Every level you reach, your rewards get bigger, up to x3.75! how know what happening after 27,5 year when you reach this 3.75% :D :D :D


– Weekly and monthly Referral Contests, Offerwalls Contests and Shortlinks Contests
this is true

– Lottery: Win a big prize in our weekly lottery! Each ticket costs only 10 Satoshis!
only one winner hard to win but it’s possible maybe true

– CPU Mining: [Optional] You can earn more by offering your CPU power. You can choose how much of you CPU power to be used for mining.
this is shit take a day to grab 100 satoshi…
– Achievements: Claim free Bits for being active, do offerwalls, visit shortlinks, get referrals and claim faucets to get more free Bits
half true
– Jobs: We have so many jobs, you can do them very easily and earn thousands of satoshis.
– Investment Game: Guess if Bitcoin‘s price will go higher or lower in the next 5 minutes and multiply your Bits. This game is 100% legit!
Bitcoin value gets updated every minute by CoinDesk, there is no way to manipulate or to know the outcome of this game.

Looks likes sister website of Moremoney.io

yes it’s from moremoney

i’m not saying this is wrong site i on the sister more money i have 20K referral .
They are have only one faucet wich is okey but all other staff you not receive comission from PTC
offer end short link 1 and 3 % wich is nothing ….

good luck to get 10K user
it’s hard job …
i will collect for you the 15 claime what you need to be active user..

i had inaf with this tipe of sites….. peoples hate high payouts and 4 day to transfer to faucetpay lol

so potentially everyone hate me now here but this is the true .

good luck for the new site and sorry for the true comment

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