10 WORST Crypto Scammers Currently ROTTING in Jail


In this video, we look at 10 Worst Crypto Scammers Currently in Jail.

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The cryptocurrency market has grown by over $1 billion USD last year. With that growth has also come a higher number of crypto scams and bitcoin scams. New investors are always nervous about running into a scheme as they are promised high rewards with little risk. We can’t blame them for being hesitant. After all, over 46,000 people have been targeted by crypto scammers since 2021 in multiple crypto scams and bitcoin scams.

However, scammers behind these bitcoin and crypto scams don’t get away with their schemes for too long. A lot of notorious crypto scammers were brought down over the past year. Today, we’re going to count down 10 of the worst crypto and bitcoin scammers currently rotting in prison.

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Currently Rotting in Prison 2022 Videos Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78gGQvk0GNU&list=PLPpQHFhyjzxKJmkvUygQYdwCh_raCbaEo

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