Bastard scammer doing his best to dox me – Crypto investment scam gone wrong


This scammer does not realize who he has called. Scammers going to scam, and this guy, during the call, becomes self-aware that scammers are everywhere, him included.

MyChargeBack has helped our customers recover funds from fake brokerages and scammers. Online investing can be rewarding, but it can also be risky. Before you click, think about your situation and properly assess your risk appetite.

You just have to complete the form and if your case is legitimate for a recovery, you will be contacted.

MyChargeBack is proud to have recovered millions of dollars for our clients


Once I am transferred to “the manager” I ask him to turn of the music in the background. They could not turn of the music…

Hopefully we will be rid of this rude bastards in the future, preventing them scamming our friends and family.

So many things are wrong with this video, especially when they start talking about campaigns and promotions. While this guy is trying to sell the scam, I am doing OSINT and research in the background.

Unfortunately I believe the callers are middle-men, not realizing or understanding that they are participating in scam. If it truly is not a scam, then bugger off calling me to try sell your product and f### off regardles.

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