Established Titles SCAM or LEGIT? (Ft. Coffeezilla)

This will be a video of Amish Patel with Coffeezilla sharing their thoughts about ”Established Titles SCAM or LEGIT? ”

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Karmas provided by
Amish Patel ACTRA, WGC
🏆Canadian Screen Award Winner
🏆🏆 2x Emmy Nomination (Applicant)
❤️❤️❤️Harvard* Certified Loving Kindness Coach

In each episode of the Drip Amish discusses (ie RIIIIPS) on topics that are near and dear to his heart. These include but are not limited to:
– Dating jokes
– Brown jokes
– Scams
– Politics [pro peace, alleviation of poverty and lingering effects of the coloniser] – Loving Kindness, heart centred spirituality and philosophy [Buddhism, Christ Consciousness, Taoism, Zen, Sufiism, Kabalah etc] – Writing for movies, TV Shows and the internet
– Influencer & Social Media Culture

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Have you been scammed? Tell us about it LIVE!
Remember that you’ve done nothing wrong. You trusted people out of the goodness of your heart and they got the best of you, Forgive yourself and remember God still loves you, even more in fact! Now it is your karma to come on the show and tell the Congregaaaation so they don’t get got by the same people.

Established Titles SCAM or LEGIT? (Ft. Coffeezilla)

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