Feyorra.top Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | 2022

#Scam. I will have to say this site is a scam.

first, when I started using the site I got a small payout. then I tried to collect more coins and withdraw them at once. so I did it. but, after few days when I try to log in to the site to withdraw my coins, I couldn’t find the site online. they had shut down the site. but now they have republished the site with an excuse. ”please forgive us”.

well, I don’t know how it is an error when you shut down your site for two days and clean all your databases so you don’t have to pay to old members. and you are saying you will give a referral bonus now. so you can scam them again.

and you said we have to create new accounts. so I created a new account because I have created a review about your site for youtube. (luckily I didn’t upload it) and then in few minutes I collected few coins and request a withdrawal.

then the site said you are banned. contact admin for more details.

well, how can I contact your admin when you haven’t provided contact details on the site?

so please be careful guys, they can do that to you as well.

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