Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | 2022

And the latest in a series of cryptocurrencies from the same family that I talk about in other posts.

I remember that in many of these faucets I have already carried out the whitdraw and I have been able to verify the reliability in the payments, therefore, I have no reason to doubt that everything is ok in this too

This is the classic claim every hour, with the following rewards:

Number Value in BFG

09885 ………. 0.02183829
98869985 ….. 2.18382889
99869993 ….. 21.8382889
99949997 ….. 218.38288926
99989999 ….. 2183.82889264
10000 ……….. 21838.2889263

Currently these are, then of course they vary according to market trends.
Needless to say, a number below the minimum threshold of 9885 almost always comes out, but you never know.

About once a day, promocodes are available on twitter that allow you to make a further roll after the one you just did. The important thing is not to close the application to make the second claim.

In addition there are also 7 short links per day

There are also polls if you want

From refs you get 50%

The withdraw is expected upon reaching at least 100 BFG

If you want to try it with me I leave you my reflink:


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