LEGIT Allcoins.pw Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | 2022

Hi sumair7230!
I have talked to you yesterday on the allcoins.pw chat, now I am finally a member of this forum ^^.
And hey to the others too :).
The payment via faucethub are really fast, you just need to confirm it via your email address used for registering. I have not tried other methods of payment. But you cannot exceed the limit of 3 withdraw per 24 hours! So better stacking.

Screenshot2018429 User Dashboard FaucetHub  Bitcoin Micropayment Service.png

This was the amount of only one doge claim. You can claim in one faucet every 4 minutes, but only in one so select wisely which crypto you want. Paid attention if you are new: not all the crypto are supported via Faucethub. Paid attention to the fee too. If you don’t want to lose a huge amount of crypto: especially if you want it directly to your wallet.

They have added a new miner today, he is different from the consol miner, maybe one is more efficient to use than the other. The browser one is maybe more effective if you use a phone or a tablet.

The auto faucet system is not bad at all: if you want to earn more between two claims. You can spam the autofaucet system and when you have enough or have to do something you can claiming 1 to 3 crypto on autopilot. Honestly, this system is great.

For the minigame, I don’t have a particular recommendation: after a while your earning cap is limited (the boomerang game max bet is 1000 satoshis and the same amount for each coin regardless of its value). So right now it’s useless to use for many crypto, but for others if you are good at, maybe, it’s can be more efficient than the faucet, but I have not tried it myself with btc or ltc. But, it’s can evolve in the future :). Remember it’s gambling: you can lose what you have earned before and there is no mention of probably fair for the boomerang (I have not tried the lottery or other game, but maybe it’s the same) stay cautious!
If you have more question on the top right corner you can access to the chat, the faucet is actively developed so you have a large chance to be helped directly by the admin or some moderator, if not: people are nice so it’s not gonna be a problem.

I hope these complementary pieces of information gonna help some visitor and/or some of our member.
If you want to register via my link here it is: https://allcoins.pw/?ref=7204
Have fun 🙂

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