LEGIT Autofaucet.org Review: SCAM or LEGIT? | 2022

Out of the three autofaucet sister sites, this one is the only one to get redesigned so far. It seems to have the best rate out of the three as well. You can now select the claim time (how often the autofaucet sends you your claims) and the session time (how long one shortlink lasts). If you choose the longest for claim time and the shortest for session time, you’ll earn the max rates.

Right now I am earning ETH on here and for the pay to FH option, I can get 364 gweis for every 10 minutes. For the onsite wallet balance option, I can earn 382 gweis/10 minutes. That’s 36/38 gweis per minute, which is even higher than expressfaucet.

The only downside is my shortlinks only lasts 15 minutes so I have to do them often to keep the autofaucet running. But other than that, this faucet works great.

By the way, if you choose to claim to the wallet balance, there’s no minimum to withdraw and payments are instantly made.


Claim here: https://autofaucet.org/ref/5819e5fffda889a69e7105f7dd7d64bd


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