LEGIT Earnbitmoon.club Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | 2022

I have registered on this site three days ago, and today I was able to reach the minimum withdraw limit of $0.2, which I can request as FaucetPay instant payment. No other options to withdraw, not that I have anything against FP. You can choose the crypto you’d like that is available on FP (with the exception of FEY).

My income consisted mostly of faucet claims, and some PTC that showed up while I was around. I managed to catch a happy hours event, when you can claim the faucet every minute instead of the usual 5 minutes. That really boosts earnings, if you have the time to participate.

Altogether it is an easy to use site, with nice earnings for some clicks here and there. There are also offerwalls and shortlinks to earn from. There is also a leveling feature, at level 2 you get +1% on all your faucet claims, at level 3 it’s +2%, and so on.

Since I received my payment instantly, I can present my first payment proof:


For those who are into earn a bit of crypto with a few clicks now and then, you can register here.


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