LEGIT FreeBitco.in Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | 2022

So, freebitco.in is propably the first result one would get when looking for reliable BTC faucets and it is the best and most expanded BTC faucet out there. If you are new to BTC faucets and want to start somewhere solid, this is the site to be.

How it works:
There’s 3 main things to do in the site,

  1. At the tab “Free BTC” you earn by clicking for Satoshi. Per click, you get minimum of 170 Satoshi*, plus 2 tickets to the lottery, plus 2 reward points (We’ll get into those later).
  2. At the tab “Multiply BTC” you gamble for more Satoshi by playing the HiLo game using your earnings.
  3. At the “rewards” tab, you can trade away your reward points for more Satoshi or if you earn a massive amount off reward points you can trade them for gift cards worth various amounts of dollars. e.g. 333,333 reward points will get you a $25 gift card.

An extra feature, is that if you leave your earnings on the site, or deposit from your wallet, you can get multiply your balance with a 4,03% interest rate (but since there’s a rounding down of the interestrelated earnings, you’ll only earn if you have a balance of more than 30.000 Satoshi). The interest earnings are added daily to your balance and there’s no lockdown of that deposit, which means you can withdraw any amount at anytime.

*Reminder: 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC


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