Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | 2022

Brand New Game 🤖

Very Simple you will have 1 free monster 👽 your monster can lay eggs or fight

  • White Eggs = $$$$
  • Need 100 eggs for minimum withdraw (Faucetpay Payeer Airtm)
  • Laying eggs costs 10 coins (monsters need energy wich costs 10 coins also)
  • You can earn coins by doing offerwalls (currently offerroc only)

Minimum withdraw $0.01

Fighting its only good to steal monsters form users and get XP for achievements.
You need 3 monster with 1 energy each to fight

They also have an album feature that you can fill it with monster, the album goes from AE (rarity) each tab with 25 monsters to fill,when you complete the album you can roll the rollete to win prizes of $50 to $1000.

This is the fast looking of the site, look for yourself and have fun ;) click on the banner so you can check the page :Thumbsup:👇

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Got scammed by fraud company or crypto fraud