Stock Scammer Shows Me Her $1MILLION TRADE!…$NTP!


Stock Scammer vlog update! In my last three videos I mention I was contacted by a female Chinese stranger on WhatsApp. Completely random!
Rather then quickly shutting her down I’ve taken the opportunity to make conversation to see what her intentions are, and when she plans on scamming me.

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We’ve made some recent progress in our hunt to determine the next targeted stock that will be pumped and dumped. Initially I thought it was $NTP, Nam Tai Electronics Inc. but now I don’t believe that’s the case.
This girl has now exited that trade and moved her money elsewhere. With the help of her “Uncle-who-works-on-Wall-Street-at-Morgan Stanley” who will slip her “insider information” she will then let me in on the “secret” stock that is bound to the moon.

As I’ve mentioned in other video posts (links below), there is a wide spread pump and dump scam that is picking up momentum which involves pretty Chinese women contacting westerners via WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram and convincing them to buy low volume/highly volatile Chinese stocks or crypto currency.

It recently came to my attention that similar scams were pervasive in South Korea among retail traders, and are now migrating to Canada and the U.S.
The stocks in question have been Chinese based stocks traded on the US exchange, most notably the NASDAQ.
As our conversation progresses I will be doing videos to keep you all updated .

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Weeks 2 update with Stock Scammer:

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