Tobin Research text message – scam or legit survey?

Let’s talk about Tobin Research text messages that lots of people are getting right now! Here is an example of such text: “Hi! This is Jen at Tobin Research. Do you have a few minutes to take a confidential survey? Maky sure your voice is heard!”
So in these messages people get invited to participate in some surveys on or different website!
Many of those who got such text are scared to click on the link and I fully understand such reaction.
You can just ignore such messages. It’s up to you whether to click on the link or not.
By the way, I’ve tried to open the link from the Tobin Research text and here is what was opened!
Seems like it’s really a survey about elections.
During the survey only 2 questions bother me. It’s about the year when I was born and email address. So I just ignore those 2 questions. And you can do the same!
Unfortunately, I didn’t find any information about Tobin Research company, so I don’t know who stands behind these surveys.
And what do you think about such text messages?
Write about it below the video!
Thanks for watching, sharing this video and goodbye!

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