trxfreemining.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | 2022

I came across this site https://trxfreemining.com/?r=THQ2VBKefqEFaLb7juAvUu4WnTwjey7Jpb which allows you to make a few free claims per day , such as this amount … You have mined 0.0388682 TRX and has been sent to your Faucetpay wallet.

which seems pretty nice huh? however when I look at my Faucetpay wallet for said deposit what I see is this

TRXFreeMining.com 0.00388682 TRX Normal Payment 19th November, 2022

a “slight difference ” of 0.03498138 .. oops? o_O

so either they are Not sending what they claim they are or Faucetpay is keeping quite a lot

your thoughts

thank you and keep helping each other 🙂

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