Working America text message – scam or legit? Who’s behind those spam texts? Who pay for them?

Let’s talk about text messages from Working America that lots of people get almost every day!
So if you get a text from some person who works at Working America, then you should know that it’s a political trick!
Usually these messages say that Trump is bad and Joe Biden is great. So Working America texts is the way democrats are trying to get voters on their side!
I don’t see any bad in it, it’s just the way they spread the words, you know!
On the other side, it’s questionable how do they get your number to send you all these spam messages!
And if you don’t want to get multiple messages from Working America, you always can opt out by texting them!
Anyway, please write in the comments what kind of a text did you get from Working America! It’s interesting how they change their strategy over time!
Thanks a lot for watching, for writing down your thoughts in the comments section and goodbye!

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